Best Free Online Multiplayer Games To Play When You’re Bored

There are tons of fantastic multiplayer games on the market, but most of them will be expensive. Or you might need the newest console to play them. We’ve therefore created a list of great games you can play for free! Most of them can be accessed via a tablet, smartphone, or desktop too. Whether you’re looking to play with your friends, or go up against a group of strangers, you’re bound to find your newest game addiction from the list below…

Pokémon Go

You might think this game is a bit dated now, but there are still plenty of loyal players determined to catch ’em all! Content is constantly being added, and this is a great game for people of all ages. It’s particularly appealing if you consider yourself a completionist. 

Pokémon Go was originally targeted at kids who inside all day, to get them to walk around outside catching Pokémon. This strategy definitely seemed to work, and as adults went on Pokémon hunts too (and continue to do so), the health benefits were more widespread than anticipated. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the game’s manufacturers have also included new features, to allow players to find more Pokémon closer to home.

World of Tanks

Do you dream of commanding hundreds of war machines from the Second World War era? Look no further – World of Tanks allows you to control tanks from various nations across the globe. You’ll be entering into huge multiplayer battles, with teams vying for tactical advantages to defeat the enemy. 

The aim of the game is to keep your tank in one piece during the battle. This can be difficult as each tank has a different type of armoured plating, so you need to be strategic about what sort of incoming fire you can take on. Once you’ve won a few battles, you can team up with other players to win the war. To do this, you’ll need to take control of the global map. 

If you’re more interested in ocean based battles, there is a spin-off game called World of Warships too, which is free to play on Steam. Not to mention World of Warplanes… Basically, if you enjoy massive multiplayer combat games, that involve historic machines from the mid-20th century, these are definitely the games for you. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The goal of Fortnite: Battle Royale is pretty self explanatory. You need to be the last player standing after massacring your opponents. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t feel too real. You don’t really want graphic visuals when slaughtering other players, and the cartoonish mechanics make the game more fun. 

There’s also the option of building up fortifications in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which a lot of similar games doesn’t allow. You can then protect yourself in a fight. You’ve got to be careful with walls and other structures though – they might leave you vulnerable for an ambush. 

League of Legends

You might think of League of Legends as a solo game. However, there is the option to team up with your friends to raid and loot your way to victory. This game was something of a phenomenon when it launched over a decade ago, and the graphics and gameplay have only improved since then.

You can spend real money in League of Legends if you’re looking to rise up through the ranks faster, but you can earn ‘IP’ through normal gameplay, which allows you to buy additional Champions. It’s a great game for those who don’t have a lot of gaming experience, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll know someone who already plays League of Legends. 


If you’ve always wanted to play as a God, SMITE could be the game you’re looking for. The characters all come from various mythological backgrounds, so you can wield Thor’s hammer if you wish. Or perhaps play as Medusa and turn your enemies to stone. 

Unlike a lot of games in this genre, you can oversee the entire battle, as you’re given a third-person viewpoint. This makes ambushes more difficult, for both you and your opponents. You can play SMITE on your own in deathmatch arenas, or build your own team. You can then try and climb the ranks to reach the SMITE World Championship.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is an arcade racing game you can play on your tablet or smartphone. The game allows you to race supercars from manufacturers including Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, playing against your friends in a league, or playing in a career mode. There are also regular events to take part in, to keep you interested.

If you’re looking to set up a proper league, there is a ‘club’ feature that allows you to invite your friends and keep track of the scores in a league table. This game definitely has a touch of nostalgia to it – although motor racing is not a complicated concept, this sort of arcade game takes us back to our youth, so we can’t help but love it. 


We’re betting you’ve already at least heard of Warframe. Since it was launched in 2013, over 26 million people have played it. The game is visually futuristic, but the combat is traditional martial arts. This contrast of tones makes Warframe an intriguing game, and if that doesn’t hook you, the graphics and customisation options certainly will!

There are more than 300 weapons to choose from, from flamethrowers to crossbows. You can play as a team of up to four players, using stealth or just going in guns blazing. There are so many options with this game, and a huge landscape to explore.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is pretty old now – some might consider it part of video gaming history. It’s still a fun game to play though, and the fact that it’s free is also a bonus. Steam calls Team Fortress 2 the ‘most highly-rated free game of all time’, and you’ll have a difficult time finding truly negative reviews. 

There are nine classes of character to choose from, with each one offering a range of abilities and personalities. Depending on the skills you’re looking to hone, you can choose different classes, playing solo or with friends in various game modes. These include Capture the Flag, Payload, Control Point, Arena, and King of the Hill.


Hearthstone is an online deck building game, where you compete in card duels using spells and a variety of minions. There’s nothing unique about this type of game, but the pacing and strategies you can employ makes Hearthstone highly addictive. Especially if you’re a fan of the Warcraft series, and want to play with some recognisable characters.

The ‘Fireside Gatherings’ option of gameplay allows you to play with your friends and participate in exclusive quests. Gatherings range in scale from around five players to over a hundred – there’s no size limit or minimum skill level. 

War Thunder

If you liked the sound of the numerous variations of World of Tanks, but couldn’t commit to just one type of warfare, War Thunder may be the game for you. You can participate in battles on land, at sea, and in the air. All using machines from WWII and the Cold War. 

You can play this game as if it were a real simulation, or as an arcade type experience, competing in large battles or objective-based missions. It may take you longer to unlock all the content if you don’t want to spend any money, but the victory is certainly worth it. 

Apex Legends

As with Fortnite: Battle Royale, Apex Legends is about being the last one standing. Though you’ll be competing as a team of three rather than an individual, with 20 teams battling to the end. And with the option of resurrection, it can take you a while to reach the finish line. 

You can choose from eight separate characters, each with their own personal abilities. If you play this game strategically, each of your team members will combine their skills to make sure you cover all the bases. If you enjoy games with great gunplay, and are overall simply fun to play, we’d recommend Apex Legends.

Darwin Project

You may be sensing a theme here. Darwin Project is also a battle royale style game, though it’s less about killing your opponents and more about outliving them. The game is set at the dawn of the next Ice Age, so you’ll need to light fires to keep warm, hunt for food and scavenge equipment, all in order to survive. 

You can also set traps for your competitors, track them, and ultimately kill them in combat. The exciting thing about Darwin Project though is that one player outside the game (or viewers on Twitch and Mixer) can decide where the supply drops take place, and can prevent players from entering certain areas. This is the ultimate game of strategy and survival, and we can’t recommend it enough. 


The closest comparison to Brawlhalla is probably the old school Super Mario games. Weapons fall from the sky, and you don’t care about the level of graphics – you’re just there to have fun. There are various different modes of play, from Free-For-All matches to team battles of 2v2 players. 

Generally, the aim of the game is to knock other players off the map, with a number of maps and worlds to choose from. You can also choose from a plethora of different characters, most of which are free. If you want to play as crossover characters such as Rayman though, you’ll need to pay to unlock those characters.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A lot of the best free games are available on Steam, including this one. If you don’t already have an account, now is the time to sign up! Counter Strike was originally released in 1999, and became one of the most played PC action games around the world almost immediately. Thankfully, the creators have continued to build on this legacy. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives you an updated version of the original content, with new characters, maps, weapons and game modes.

This game is a first person shooter, but you can team up with your friends, playing as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Your aim will either be to plant a bomb and defend the hostages, or defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages. Whichever side you choose, this is a competitive game that is simply great fun to play!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is another first person shooter game, which allows you to play alone or with friends (or against them if you wish), defending humanity’s ‘Last City’ against dark forces. There are three classes to choose from (Titan, Warlock or Hunter) and a huge array of weapons to collect and hone your skills with. 

The setting of the game is certainly interesting, and the lore behind the events of the story draws you in. Overall, this is a visually stunning game, with an immersive storyline to keep you playing for hours on end.